Know The Truth About Your Car With Help From Our Jackson Auto Repair Shop

Is the brake system in peak condition? How’s the transmission? What about the exhaust?

When there aren’t clear, obvious signs of an issue, it can be difficult to know the vehicle’s exact condition.

That’s why, at Christian Brothers Automotive Jackson, we offer a free courtesy inspection to every vehicle with any service.

Our courtesy inspections include:

  • Climate control operation
  • Belts and hoses
  • Fluid levels and condition
  • Battery tests and connection check
  • Tire pressure and condition
  • Steering and suspension systems
  • Exhaust system
  • Service brakes

Understand your car’s health from the inside out

The courtesy inspection is free and complete. Our ASE-certified technicians are experts in examining your vehicle inside, outside, under the hood, and underneath. You can trust your car in our capable hands.

Our 32-point inspection begins inside your car. We check for warning lights on the dash, AC and heater operation and inspect the emergency brake. While inside, we record the mileage to ensure any maintenance required by the manufacturer is noted.

Outside your vehicle, we check the tires, ensure proper wheel alignment, and inspect the brakes (pads, rotors and calipers), headlights, taillights and wiper blades.

We then look under the hood to check your engine oil, all fluids (including windshield washer fluid), belts and hoses, battery and terminals, and the air, fuel and cabin filters.

Finally, we put your car on the lift to check its underbelly. We look underneath your vehicle at the suspension components. These include the steering linkage, the rack and pinion, the axle shafts and boots, front and rear shocks and struts, exhaust system, and the rear differential fluid.

Trust your car to the experts

Each courtesy inspection is a quick 15-20 minute operation, designed to give an overview of the condition of the vehicle. It also provides the opportunity to detect issues you may not be aware of.

We love performing these comprehensive assessments because they allow the chance to give helpful tips on the best way to repair and maintain your vehicle and to get the most efficiency and reliability from every drive.

At the end of the process, we’ll provide a report of any issues that need to be addressed, along with an estimate to handle these concerns.

Call Christian Brothers Automotive in Jackson, Tennessee to schedule service today. Receive your free courtesy inspection, and discover the nice difference!