Why Doesn’t My Car Have a Carburetor?

Why Doesn’t My Car Have a Carburetor?

Why do we no longer use carburetors?

Cars you see on the road don’t use carburetors. It was one of the first fuel systems to be widely implemented in vehicles. During the 1970’s, the U.S. government passed emission regulations. This forced automakers to quickly develop and implement EFI in order to comply.

What are the benefits of EFI?

Electronic fuel injection allows for lower emissions, better engine performance and even better fuel economy. You can thank this technology for compact sedans that get 30 miles or more to the gallon. Using sensors and computers your car calculates how much fuel and air the engine needs. Then, pumps it directly to the engine through the electronic fuel pump and fuel lines. With EFI your engine gets exactly what it needs when it needs to carry out its job more efficiently.

The fuel system experts in Grayson, GA

EFI systems are much more complicated than carburetors. Because it utilizes so many electrical components, it can be tough to repair. The experts at Christian Brothers Automotive Grayson always recommend a complete fuel system cleaning every 30,000 miles for engines using ethanol fuel and 15,000 miles for Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) engines.

Dirt and other particles in the air will find their way into your fuel system as you drive. Once the air and fuel filters become clogged, it can cause the fuel pump to work too hard and wear out. Replacing the filters and cleaning the system regularly will keep the system running perfectly.

Call us here in Grayson to schedule a fuel system check to make sure your fuel system isn’t in jeopardy.