Two Easily Forgotten Maintenance Services Your Car Needs

Two Easily Forgotten Maintenance Services Your Car Needs

Today, our expert auto repair technicians in Grayson, Georgia will explain two often neglected maintenance services every vehicle should regularly get.

1. Always check up on your belts and hoses

Your car’s belts and hoses are seldom talked about something breaks, but these mechanisms serve as the foundation for your vehicle’s operating ability. The belts get the alternator started so the water pump can work. Hoses are essential to the cooling system. Made out of flexible rubber compounds, your coolant and heater hoses are meant to absorb vibrations between the engine and radiator, or the engine and body’s firewall.

Newer cars and trucks utilize a serpentine belt, which handles the operation of most engine parts. If you drive a newer vehicle, your Grayson auto repair technician should check for cracks, fraying and exposed threads. For older cars that include a V-belt instead, the auto tech should look for glazing, cracking, or excessive wear instead.

Look for signs of wear on the belts and deterioration in hoses. Always ask your Grayson car shop to look at the coolant fluid levels, check for heat damage and cracks, and replace the hoses every four years (or when one fails). Getting a coolant flush on a regular schedule will also give your hoses a longer, stronger life.

During a complimentary Courtesy Inspection at our auto service center, belts and hoses are always evaluated by our ASE-certified technicians.

2. Change all filters regularly

Another maintenance item to be aware of is changing the filter. This includes the oil filter and fuel filter, the engine filter and, possibly, a cabin air filter. Typically, automotive shops will change out your oil filter and fuel filter with scheduled maintenance, however, the engine air intake filter and cabin air filter are frequently forgotten.

Like most maintenance issues, your driving habits affect how long your air filters will last. Filters that are exposed to more dirt, as found on dusty rural roads or in cities with heavy construction or congestion, will need to be changed more often. Some ways to tell your cabin air filter is wearing out is a reduction in heating or cooling efficiency, smoggy or musty smells from the air vents, getting sinus headaches or having allergic reactions from driving. A clogged engine air intake filter will usually lower your gas mileage, as well as “drivability.” Engine filter failure will usually be accompanied by a delay in acceleration or loss in engine power.

The engine and cabin filters work tirelessly to keep circulating clean air throughout the engine and passenger cab. This maintains a contaminant-free cabin for you and high-quality air in the engine. If the cabin air filter clogs, the heater and air conditioner could also stop functioning. You’ll end up paying a lot of unnecessary repair bills if a mechanic checks the AC system or cooling system without first checking the cabin air filter.

The key thing to remember with any filter maintenance is to always replace a soiled filter. It’s not enough to simply clean the filter and re-install.

Next time you’re scheduling a maintenance service for your car or truck, make sure to tell the auto shop check you want your belts, hoses and filters checked. To schedule routine maintenance today, call Christian Brothers Automotive in Grayson, Georgia. We’ll show you the nice difference!