Drivetrain & Suspension Service in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Drivetrain & Suspension | Grand Rapids | Michigan

Christian Brothers Automotive in Grand Rapids has a team of ASE-certified suspension and drivetrain professionals. The drivetrain is made up of different vehicle components that work together to make the automobile move. The exhaust system, engine, suspension, drive shaft, transmission and tires power your automobile and keep it grounded while driving. Maintaining your automobile’s drivetrain increases the engine’s efficiency and saves you cash at the gas pump.

Suspension balances your vehicle and makes it possible for the tires to receive power from your car’s engine. Suspension also absorbs the shock from bumps and plunges in the road.

Indicators of a Damaged Suspension

-Uncommon wear to the tires

-Recurring vibrations

-Alignment issues

-Hearing loud noises while driving

Ignoring a drivetrain or suspension issue can result in substantial car damage, costing you hundreds of dollars in repairs.

Are you in the market for drivetrain or suspension service on your car? Give Christian Brothers Automotive in Grand Rapids a phone call at (616) 818-4212 to schedule drivetrain and suspension service or come by our automobile repair shop located at:

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