Does My Car Have A Carburetor Or Electronic Fuel Injection System?

Does My Car Have A Carburetor Or Electronic Fuel Injection System?

CBAC Grand Rapids takes care of your vehicle’s fuel system needsAt Christian Brothers Automotive Grand Rapids, our ASE-certified technicians regularly have drivers that ask about the carburetor.

While cars back in the day had this piece of equipment, and some older cars still do, modern vehicles use electronic fuel injection (EFI) systems.

Today, our knowledgeable specialists will go over the differences between a carburetor and electronic fuel injection system, and why EFI is the fuel system of choice for the modern car.

Advantages of the EFI system

There are several reasons why automobile manufacturers switched to this modern fuel system.

The advantages of direct injection include:

  • Better fuel economy
  • Accurate calculation of the air/fuel mixture
  • Decreased emissions

A decrease in emissions is the main reason manufacturers switched to EFI so rapidly. Many governments in the 1970’s passed emission regulations, requiring cars and trucks to comply with these stricter standards.

Fuel system maintenance in Michigan

EFI systems are much more complex than manual fuel systems. Return lines back the fuel tank and electrical components can make it tricky to fix. Thankfully, these systems are built very well. The experts at Christian Brothers Automotive in Grand Rapids, MI say the best defense is a good offense. In other words, keep your fuel system clean!

A complete fuel system cleaning should be conducted every 15,000 miles, or once a year. To make sure your fuel system is providing the right amount of power and fuel efficiency, schedule a cleaning or fuel system inspection. Call Christian Brothers Automotive in Grand Rapids, Michigan today, and see the nice difference!