4 Tire Rotation Myths In Germantown Busted By Our Car Repair Team

1. There is only one “right way” to rotate your tires

There are actually multiple applicable rotation patterns. Is your car rear or four-wheel drive? The tires will be rotated in an X-pattern. Does your car have front-wheel drive? Then our ASE-certified technicians will pull your front wheels to the back, then switch the right and left front wheels’ positions.

2. Don't worry about the spare tire

While donut spares and run-flat spare tires do not need to be put into the rotation, your full-size matching spare tire needs to be maintained and rotated. If you drive a larger vehicle (such as a truck or SUV), it’s likely your spare is full-size. If this is the case, let your technician know and we’ll replace one tire with the spare, putting another into the spare tire storage position. We’ll also check the quality and tire air pressure of the spare to ensure it’s safe to drive on.

3. Rotate tires after every oil change

The best time to rotate your tires is every 5,000 – 7,500 miles. However, your tires cannot be over-rotated. If your car receives an oil change every 3,000 miles, a rotation with every oil change is not necessary. If you’re scheduling an oil change every 3,000 miles, you only need to request a tire rotation with every-other oil change service.

4. If you rotate your tires, everything will be fine

Tire rotations are an essential part of vehicle maintenance. With a tire rotation, your investment is protected and the life of each tire is extended. However, complete tire maintenance is more than tire rotations. You also need to regularly check the tire air pressure, schedule alignment checks and have your suspension system inspected annually. A driving mistake as minor as hitting a small pot hole could throw off your car’s alignment, affecting every other part of the drivability.

Tire rotation service at Christian Brothers Automotive Germantown

The knowledgeable technicians at our Germantown auto repair shop recommend tire rotation service at the correct intervals and will only rotate if the tires are safe and sound. We’ll let you know whether your tires need to be rotated or if it’s time for a replacement.

Don’t fall victim to tire rotation service myths and misconceptions. Trust our myth-busting experts to tell you the truth about your vehicle. To schedule a tire rotation or maintenance service today, call Christian Brothers Automotive in Germantown, Tennessee.