Do You Know What It Takes To Maintain Your Car’s Air Filters?

Did you know your car has an air filter too? In fact, most cars have two distinct air filters! The cabin air filter protects your AC system and the passengers while the engine air filter guards your engine against flying debris.

To properly maintain these two crucial elements, you must first understand their differences and functions.

Cabin Air Filter

Not every car is equipped with a cabin air filter, but it is an important component. This filter keeps pollen, mold spores, allergens and bacteria out of the passenger cab and away from your family’s lungs. Like your home air conditioner, a dirty cabin air filter can restrict airflow through the vents and cause blower motor failures.

Because the cabin air filter is not standard in every car, amateur and low-cost auto repair shops may neglect its care or try and sell you one whether you need it or not! At Christian Brothers Automotive Georgetown, our ASE-certified technicians will let you know whether your car contains a cabin air filter and how often it needs to be replaced.

A few signs your car is ready for a cabin filter change:

  • It’s been more than a year since your cabin air filter was last inspected
  • You notice a dirty or musty smell from the air vents
  • You’ve observed heating or cooling inefficiencies

Engine Air Filter

The cabin air filter keeps the air you’re breathing clean. The engine air filter, on the other hand, sifts out dirt, insect bits, tree sap and other pieces of debris before they have a chance to damage the engine. As the car drives down the road, any airborne particles are sucked into the engine. The engine filter’s job is to trap these pieces of waste so they don’t affect the car’s performance. If the filter becomes blocked, airflow is reduced and the vehicle’s engine power and fuel economy will suffer.

While the cabin air filter is often neglected by inexperienced auto mechanics, the engine filter has the opposite problem. Often, auto repair shops recommend an engine filter change every 6,000 miles, or even with every oil change. In most cases, this simply isn’t necessary. Christian Brothers Automotive will inspect your air filter. We’ll provide an honest recommendation specific to you and your vehicle.

A few signs your car needs an engine air intake filter replacement:

  • It’s been 10,000-30,000 miles since your last filter inspection
  • You frequently drive down dusty rural roads or streets with heavy construction
  • You’ve noticed a loss in engine power
  • You experience hesitation during acceleration

At Christian Brothers Automotive, we are committed to treating each guest like family.

As a member of our family, we refuse to sell you unnecessary services or let you drive away with an improperly serviced vehicle. If we wouldn’t pay for a service ourselves, we won’t recommend the service to our customers.

However, your cabin and engine air filters do need to be changed regularly so your vehicle can operate with maximum efficiency. When your car is brought in for service, we’ll tell you the truth about your air filtration system needs.

Don’t settle for less than the very best. Call Christian Brothers Automotive in Georgetown, Texas today. We’ll schedule an air filter check and make sure you experience the nice difference!