Bad Driving Habits that Will Wreck your Car in Friendswood

Poor driving habits themselves are a great way to prematurely ruin your car or truck, and that's true even if you don't wreck. Read the advice from our experienced auto repair specialists below.

Don't Push the Speed Limit

Driving as fast as possible on the freeway can be thrilling. But realize that driving like this can break the car. Our automobile experts at Christian Brothers in Friendswood, TX believe that most autos do best at between 40 and 60 mph. If you go faster, you will need more gas mile by mile and your transmission will be pushed to the max. Also, driving that fast means extra stress on all the small moving parts of your engine, and that can cause you to need early repairs. Driving safely is a great way to show off that you're a proud car owner.

Don't Abuse the Transmission

There are many ways in which sloppy shifting behavior can wreck your transmission. Don't ever move to park or reverse while your car is still moving. Also, don't shift into park and run off without using the E brake. If you do, your whole car will rest against the transmission. For manual shifters, be careful to remove your foot from the clutch between shifting. These little tricks could save you thousands.

Don't Drive Aggressively

Don't drive like you're in an action movie. Of course this bad habit is far more likely to cause a crash. But beyond that, shotgunning at stoplights and slamming on the brakes is taxing on your transmission, engine and brakes. It's only natural to show off a fast car, but we think that the best way to show you care about your car is to drive safely.

Don't Rev the Engine or Idle

If you've read our blog, you know what our mechanics say about idling. It's also a bad idea to rev your engine while stopped, especially if your engine is cold. If you do, oil and fluids won't circulate properly and the catalytic converter won't function properly. Going straight from cold to hot isn't good either.

Don't Empty the Tank

There are 3 main reasons not to let your gas gauge get too close to empty, and only one involves the risk of walking 5 blocks carrying a red plastic gas canister. One of the other reasons is that sediment in gas or diesel sinks to the bottom of your tank, so when the level is low your fuel pump has to send that grit through the engine. Even if this doesn't clog the lines, which it could, it does cause your car to work harder than usual. Furthermore, fuel in the tank helps cool the fuel pump, making it more efficient. If you don't have enough, your fuel pump could get hot and wear out easily.

Avoid Really Slow Acceleration

Primarily to save gas, know that there's no reason to accelerate too slowly. Some people have been taught not to “jackrabbit” at start, and the general principle is a good one. But getting going extra slow prevents your auto from working as intended and can put wear on the transmission and engine. Drive at about the same speed as the cars around you.

Get Your Vehicle Checked at Christian Brothers

Drive with the right habits keep your auto clean inside and out. You should also be careful to check the lights, oil and tires often. And at regular intervals, bring your car or truck in to your Friendswood Christian Brothers garage for a professional checkup.