Do You Know Why Your Car’s Air Filter Is Essential?

Have you ever realized the consequences of a long summer road trip? One look at your car’s hood and you can see how much mud and tree sap you picked up along the way. Unfortunately, most of these bits of gunk don’t stay outside the vehicle.

As your car drives down the road, it takes the surrounding air into the engine.

Your engine would also be sucking in these contaminants if it weren’t for the air filtration system, which includes the cabin air filter and the engine air intake filter.

The Cabin Filter

Much like a manicurist wears a dust mask while applying acrylic nails, your air filter removes pollen and mold spores before they enter your lungs. The cabin air filter is usually made of pleated paper, and is meant to filter the air coming into the car before it enters the AC system.

This filter is crucial to climate control and maintaining a healthy environment inside the passenger compartment. However, a filthy air filter will affect the air conditioning and heating systems’ performance. A dirty filter also reduces airflow, and may allow allergens into the air supply.

Engine Air Intake Filter

As the cabin air filter guards your respiratory system, the engine air intake filter protects the health of your engine. The engine filter eliminates pollen and airborne contaminants as well, but is more worried about wastes and debris.

If it weren’t for this filter, water, bugs, dust and grime could enter your engine. Fuel-injected filters generally use a pleated paper filter, while older cars usually have a cylindrical air filter. Either way, this filter is essential to keeping buildup and particulates out of the motor.

When the engine filter is clogged, pollutants have a chance to adhere to the engine, carbon deposits can bake onto the various parts and the intake valves may clog.

Dirty filters steal power from your engine.

Now that you’re aware of these two crucial auto parts, you can regularly change the filters to keep the air filtration system well-maintained. Our ASE-certified technicians agree with most manufacturers, who suggest an air filter replacement every 10,000-30,000 miles.

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