Our Cypress Technicians Help You Understand The Symptoms of Suspension Damage

Your suspension system affects every part of the car’s operation and requires regular maintenance to stay in peak condition.

Unfortunately, this system is often the most overlooked. To fully understand proper care of the suspension, here are signs of trouble to look out for.

Symptoms of suspension problems

When your suspension is struggling, there are a few symptoms to indicate a problem.

The signs of a compromised suspension include:

  • Rattling or knocking noise
  • Vehicle’s nose dives while stopping
  • Poor vehicle handling
  • Uneven or unusual tire wear
  • Vehicle rides rough
  • Drifting or pulling while driving
  • Oil running down the outside of shocks

Too many Texas drivers believe their shocks last indefinitely, or a car running larger tires and wheels doesn’t need a suspension upgrade. In fact, the suspension components wear gradually.

Unfortunately, this can cause you to miss any suspension damage until it’s too late. With regularly scheduled maintenance service, you can catch needed repairs and replacements before the real trouble begins.

Trust the Christian Brothers Automotive nice difference

The highly qualified suspension techs at our Cypress auto repair shop take car service seriously. Our experienced technicians go above and beyond to provide an accurate diagnosis and repair plan the first time, and our 2-year/24,000-mile Nice Difference Warranty covers almost every service.

Regular suspension maintenance can save you time, save you money and extend the life of your vehicle. To schedule a suspension inspection today, call Christian Brothers Automotive Fairfield in Cypress, Texas.