How To Check Your Car Before a Summer Road Trip

With the car packed and everyone piled in, you’re ready for that summer road trip to a stellar vacation destination! But did you remember to get the car ready for the trip? Forgetting to have a vehicle inspection before a road trip can spell disaster down the road. You don’t want to be stranded after a breakdown when you could be chilling on the beach or catching some waves. At Christian Brothers Automotive Eagle’s Landing in Stockbridge, Georgia, we know you don’t want car problems getting in the way of your summer adventures. Our ASE-certified technicians can help you determine exactly what you car needs to be prepped for summer fun.

Flush the Radiator

Engine coolant doesn’t magically last forever, but you’ll need it this summer if you want to keep the engine cool in the Georgia heat. As coolant ages, it can begin to breakdown and corrode the radiator. Stop this from happening by giving your radiator and annual flush so you know your car is ready to take the heat!

Replace Your Air Filter

Changing your air filter twice a year is important to keeping the engine clear. Doing so at the beginning of summer will make it all the easier to remember. The air filter is absolutely crucial in stopping contaminants from causing havoc in the engine. All debris, including dirt, dust, and leaves can get in and cause damage if the air filter isn’t there to stop them.

Check Your Battery

The car battery could suffer during the summer if you don’t have it checked out. There may be build up on the posts from the winter months that need to be cleaned and heat may even cause battery fluid to evaporate. Don’t let battery issues get between you and summer fun, come have your battery tested by our professionals in Stockbridge, Georgia.

If you want to get outdoors and enjoy the summer rather than being stuck on the road or in traffic with car troubles, let us help you! At Christian Brothers Automotive Eagle’s Landing our friendly staff can help get your car ready. Give us a call at our auto repair center in Stockbridge, Georgia today and see the nice difference in auto repair!