Transmission Service in Concord, NC

Do you need a transmission solution in Concord? Christian Brothers Automotive (on Harris Rd.) has a group of highly trained ASE-certified transmission service professionals. Your automobile’s transmission includes many different parts. Christian Brothers Automotive has had a lot of success in diagnostic services, so they can asses any sort of transmission problems you may have with your vehicle. We have also been extremely successful at maintaining and repairing transmissions in the Concord area.

Without a transmission, your vehicle would not be able to move. Your transmission helps your tires receive electricity from your automobile’s engine. To make sure that your automobile stays in good condition, it’s important to maintain your transmission and its liquids.

Christian Brothers Automotive performs every transmission flush right down to the maker’s specifications. A transmission flush clears out the aged liquid and fragments left behind and cleans the system with conditioner and quality transmission fluid. During the transmission flush, an ASE-certified specialist will use a computer to digitally keep track of the entire procedure to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Getting a transmission flush will help you avoid the need for costly transmission repair later down the road. Christian Brothers Automotive is an honest repair company. We will not sell you a car part or conduct a repair that is not needed. If we can help you avoid having trouble with your transmission, we will let you know.

If your automobile needs transmission service, call Christian Brothers Automotive at 704-887-6139 and book a transmission examination, or stop by our auto repair shop near Skybrook Golf Club, located at:

9725 Harris Rd
Concord, NC 28027