Exchanging Winter Tires For Summer Tires

If you have winter tires on your Burleson vehicle, there's at least one other change in store for you. Make sure you know which tires you are using at all times to get optimal performance and value.

About Winter Tires

We all know that driving in the snow leads to unique challenges that can make drivers feel stressed, add time to any trip, and present dangerous scenarios. While snow tires don’t remove these issues completely, they can make them easier to overcome. These tires have unique tread and softer rubber, which leads to better grip in snowy conditions. This makes steering and braking much easier, while also reducing the likelihood of your car's getting stuck in the snow.

Why You Should Replace Winter Tires in Summer

Snow tires do not provide the same benefits in spring and summer. Actually, you will likely save money in the long run by changing your tires for the appropriate weather conditions.

Remember the flexible rubber we mentioned in the section above? It often wears down faster in warmer temperatures. This means you'll be purchasing new tires sooner if you don't swap out your winter tires.

When Should You Remove Winter Tires?

Once the potential for major snow storms has passed for the year, swap your winter tires for summer or all-season tires. Simply bring your car into Christian Brothers Automotive in Burleson and we will provide this service for you. Give us a call today if you have any additional questions.