Buda Mechanics Explain Slipping Transmission Problems

Buda Mechanics Explain Slipping Transmission Problems

Your transmission is the reason your car is able to move from a stationary position to moving down the road.  In other words, it CBAC Buda Transmission Serviceadjusts your car into the right gear while you operate your vehicle. It can be an odd feeling when you use the gas pedal, and your car doesn’t ride along like it should normally. Your transmission just slipped!

Transmission service is one of the systems that car owners in Texas don’t always check on. Good intentions should have you checking your owner’s manual to see when your automatic transmission fluid should be flushed out, and have the fluid level checked at each oil change. Properly maintaining your transmission function will save you from major mechanical damage like a slipping transmission.

A transmission will start waver for many reasons. The technicians at Christian Brothers Automotive Buda are ready to show you how to make this fix, and their expert advice comes in handy with all  transmission issues.

Worn Transmission Components

The first cause of transmission failure is worn components. The gears or clutch may have degraded to the point where they literally slip when trying to change gears. It’s completely normal for these parts to wear out over time through daily use of your car. If you start to hear a grinding or harsh humming noise as you drive, take your car to an auto repair shop in Kyle or Buda immediately! If a transmission band is worn or broken, you may have to deal with additional engine problems.

Low Fluid Pressure

The other possible reason your transmission feels like it’s slipping is low transmission fluid pressure. The fluid is responsible for cooling and lubricating the components. If there isn’t enough fluid, it may cause your transmission to not fully engage. On many vehicles, it’s possible to check the fluid level with a dipstick at the engine bay. However, some cars and trucks don’t have a dipstick. It’s in situations like these where a professional mechanic at your local Buda auto repair shop needs to get under your car or truck and take a look.

How To Repair a Slipping Transmission

Once the problem is diagnosed, it can be easy to repair the transmission. All you may need is a little bit more transmission fluid. On most vehicles, transmission filters and fluid are easy to replace. At Christian Brothers Automotive Buda, we suggest a full transmission flush to completely get rid of the old fluid. The typical drain and refill services only replaces about half of the fluid.

Any worn out parts like a shift gear of transmission band should be changed as soon as possible. In some cases, the shift gear might need to be adjusted to correct position rather than being replaced. It all depends on how early the transmission problem is taken care of.

At our Buda repair shop, our expert staff understands transmission problem headaches! After we diagnose the transmission we consult you about the repair and your options before moving forward. You can always trust us to provide you with quality, honest automotive services with our 2-year/24,000-mile Nice Difference warranty! Call us today at Christian Brothers Automotive in Buda, Texas to schedule your transmission service and see the nice difference!