Brake Service

Christian Brothers Automotive near Lithia will examine your vehicle’s braking system during our Courtesy Inspection every single time your vehicle enters our shop. Our ASE-certified specialists will remove your tires and wheels so that they can closely examine your brake pads and rotors. Our technicians will then decide, based on their review of your car, whether or not you need brake service.

If you hear a loud squeak when you press down on your brakes, that usually means that your brake pads are damaged and therefore need to be replaced. Do not put off getting a brake pad replacement. If you don’t get the brake pads replaced, the extra abrasion will damage your rotors until they can no loner be fixed. This will lead to a very expensive replacement.

Getting a brake pad replacement is simple maintenance, but Christian Brothers Automotive goes above and beyond for you and your vehicle. Our ASE-certified professionals always make sure they include every part built specifically for the brake pads we install on your vehicle.

When you get brake service, you will also get your automobile’s rotors resurfaced. Rotors play a major part in slowing down your vehicle. Without them you wouldn’t be able to come to a complete stop. Christian Brothers Automotive can lubricate and resurface your vehicle’s rotors back to the manufacturer’s settings.

Brake fluid is also a critical part of your vehicle’s braking system. Most other auto repair shops around will only top off your existing brake fluid, but Christian Brothers Automotive in Riverview uses only pure brake fluid for brake service, which helps restore the performance of your braking system.

If you are having trouble with your brakes, or they happen to be screeching, call us, or stop by Christian Brothers Automotive near Fishhawk Ranch at:

10010 McMullen Road
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