Riverview Mechanics Explain Slipping Transmission Problems

Transmission service is one maintained service that’s rare for car owners in Florida. It’s always a great idea to look at your owner’s manual to see when your automatic transmission fluid should be flushed, and have the fluid level maintained at every oil change. Looking at all the components of your car will save you from major mechanical damage like a slipping transmission in the future.

A transmission will start to go for many kinds of reasons. The technicians at Christian Brothers Automotive Brandon are going to show you their expertise at handling this when it comes to this transmission issues.

Worn Transmission Components

The first cause of a transmission failure is very used parts. The gears or clutch may have been worn out to the extent that they catch or slip when trying to move the gears. It’s completely normal for these parts to get old over time through daily use of your car. If you start to hear a grinding or harsh humming noise as you drive, take your car to a Florida auto repair shop ASAP! If a transmission band is worn or broken, you may have to deal with major engine meltdown.

Low Fluid Pressure

The other main reason your transmission feels like it’s slipping is low transmission fluid pressure. The fluid is responsible for cooling and lubricating the components. If there isn’t enough fluid, it may cause your transmission to not fully engage. On many vehicles, it’s possible to check the fluid level with a dipstick under the hood. Yet, some cars and trucks don’t have one of these sticks to look at. Then you should always have a professional at your local Riverview auto repair shop get under your car or truck and have a peek at what’s causing the issue.

How to Fix a Slipping Transmission

Once the issue is thoroughly explored, it can be easy to fix the transmission. Topping off the fluid levels might help it work better. On most vehicles, transmission filters and fluid are easy to replace. At Christian Brothers Automotive Brandon, we suggest a full transmission flushing to remove all the old fluid. The typical drain and refill services only replaces about half of the fluid.

Any worn out parts like a shift gear of transmission band should be changed as soon as possible. In some cases, the shift gear might need to be adjusted to correct position rather than being replaced. It all depends on how early the transmission problem is taken care of.

At Christian Brothers Automotive Brandon, our expert staff understands transmission problem headaches! After we diagnose the problematic transmission, we talk with you about the fix and your choices before working on your car. You can always trust us to provide you with quality, honest automotive services with our 2-year/24,000-mile Nice Difference warranty! Call us today at Christian Brothers Automotive Brandon in Riverview, Florida to schedule transmission service, and see the nice difference!