Check Engine Light Diagnostics in Northland

What do you do when your check engine light turns on? Chances are, you won’t know exactly why this light came on until you take your car to a mechanic. Christian Brothers Automotive is home to ASE certified technicians. Our location on Barry Road serves all of North Kansas City’s automotive needs – including check engine light diagnostics.

The check engine light turns on for several of reasons. Here are three of the most common reasons the check engine light turns on:

  1. The oxygen sensor is faulty.
  2. Something is wrong with the catalytic converter.
  3. The spark plugs or other wires need to be replaced.

The check engine light can turn on if there is something wrong with an individual circuit. A circuit is significantly cheaper to repair than a complete automotive part. Christian Brothers Automotive has the equipment necessary to diagnose exactly what is wrong with your car. Our method saves you money. We will never sell a customer a part they do not need. If your check engine light is on call us and schedule an appointment today.