Andover’s Only Nice Difference® Auto Repair Warranty

Unpacking the Nice Difference Auto Repair Warranty

What makes the Nice difference warranty so special? For one, there’s the term — 24 months. For another, there’s the mileage — 24,000 miles. But the Nice difference auto repair warranty at Christian Brothers Automotive Andover goes even farther. That’s because we don’t offer your typical “whichever comes first” style warranty. Instead, we honor our warranty until both conditions are met.

That means you could drive more than 24,000 miles, and we’d still honor your warranty until the 24th month. Alternatively, you could pass the two-year mark, and we’d still honor your warranty until the 24,000th mile. It’s only when both term and mileage are met that your warranty expires.

It’s no wonder so many Andover vehicle owners have fallen in love with our Nice difference auto repair warranty.

Andover’s Source for Quality Auto Repair

The Nice difference warranty is made possible by the commitment to quality auto repair at Christian Brothers Automotive Andover. Our warranty goes the extra mile while your car’s on the road because our technicians go the extra mile when your car’s in our shop.

All auto repair services at Christian Brothers Automotive Andover are performed by ASE-certified technicians. These technicians use cutting-edge computer diagnostics and the same tools/parts as your vehicle’s manufacturer. This way, we make sure that your vehicle is fully road-ready the minute you pick it up from our shop.

Discover the Nice Difference

At Christian Brothers Automotive Andover, the Nice differences don’t end with our auto repair warranty. We also offer a home-style waiting area, refreshing amenities, free Wi-Fi, a Courtesy Shuttle service, and no-cost Courtesy Inspections for every vehicle that drives onto our lot. We hope you’ll discover these Nice differences for yourself on your next visit to our auto repair center.

To schedule an inspection or servicing of your vehicle, contact Andover’s choice for auto repair. Call today to book your vehicle’s drop-off at Christian Brothers Automotive Andover.