5 Tips For New Texas Inspection Policies

5 Tips For New Texas Inspection Policies

Earlier this year the state of Texas changed its vehicle inspection guidelines so that each vehicle now only displays a registration CBAC Amarillo Inspection and Emissionssticker. The inspection information for Texas vehicles is now stored in an electronic database.

The ASE-certified technicians at Christian Brothers Automotive have a list of tips to help you get through the first year of this new inspection process.

1. The inspection happens before the registration

The vehicle safety and emissions inspection and registration renewal processes are now linked. In order to renew your registration, your vehicle has to have passed its inspection within the last 90 days. The system will check the database to make sure your car passed before issuing you a new registration sticker. Welcome to the digital age!

2. Take advantage of the grace period

Not every car’s inspection and registration stickers expire within 90 days of each other. That’s why the state of Texas is giving everyone with expired inspection stickers a pass until it’s time to renew their registration.

3. Keep your Vehicle Inspection Report (VIR)

We all know computers aren’t perfect. That’s why we’re suggesting Amarillo drivers to keep the VIR they get after the inspection. It will serve as proof that your car completed and passed the inspection just in case something happens to the database.

4. Vehicle safety and emissions inspections are cheaper upfront

While our local Amarillo auto repair shop will be charging customers less for the testing done at our location, you will still have to pay the state fees when you renew your car’s registration. So while you pay less upfront, you’ll still be paying the state fees later.

5. Everything will be ok!

People don’t like change, but just remember that after this first year, this process will actually be simpler than the old one. So sit back, relax and be happy there’s one less sticker on your beautiful car!

The Texas vehicle safety and emissions inspection in Amarillo

The inspection experts at Christian Brothers Automotive Amarillo will always offer the same pain-free and simple emissions inspection you’ve experienced before. If you’re worried about your car passing the test this year, we offer courteous inspections to make sure your car is in great shape.

Call Christian Brothers Automotive in Amarillo, Texas today if you’re ready to schedule your vehicle safety and emissions inspection or still need a few questions answered about the new two-steps, one-sticker guidelines.