Transmission Service in Amarillo, TX

transmission service

Do you require automotive transmission solution in Amarillo? Christian Brothers Automotive (near Coulter Street) is the home of ASE licensed transmission solution professionals. Your automobile’s transmission is comprised of numerous different vehicle components. Christian Brothers Automotive has a long and successful past in diagnosing problems, maintaining and fixing transmissions in the Dacula area.

Without a transmission, a vehicle would certainly stagnate. A transmission moves the electricity created by the vehicle’s engine to the tires. In order to ensure your car stays in good shape, it is very important to effectively maintain your transmission and its fluids.

Christian Brothers Automotive can carry out a transmission flush on your vehicle to the maker’s specs. A transmission flush wipes off aged liquid and fragments left behind and cleans the entire transmission. The transmission is cleaned with conditioner and top quality transmission liquid. Throughout a transmission flush, an ASE accredited technician makes use of a computer and keeps track of every action of the process.

A transmission flush is the most effective way to prevent investing thousands of dollars on transmission repair. Christian Brothers Automotive is a sincere auto repair company. We will certainly never sell a customer a part or repair they don’t need. If we can help you steer clear of having to change or repair your car’s transmission, we will inform you.

If your auto requires transmission service, call Christian Brothers Automotive at (806) 576-0801 and book a transmission test, or come by our automobile repair center and have an ASE licensed specialist diagnose your car’s transmission today.