Alignment in Amarillo, TX


Christian Brothers Automotive in Amarillo can get your car’s alignment back to the condition it was in the day you bought it.

Our alignment procedure makes your vehicle feel like it did when you drove it off of the dealer’s lot. If your automobile isn’t steering straight, give Christian Brothers Automotive in Amarillo a phone call at (806) 576-0801 or drop in at our location near Rick Husband Amarillo Int’l Airport at:

5816 S. Coulter Street
Amarillo, TX 79119

If your steering wheel isn’t matching up with the direction your automobile is traveling, you have an alignment issue. A bad alignment can induce considerable damage to an automobile’s suspension and will certainly make the tires use erratically. It is important to get an alignment whenever you have work done to your car’s tires. Christian Brothers Automotive’s ASE certified professionals are experts in auto alignments.

As part of our Courtesy Inspection, we look for alignment issues concerns each time you bring your vehicle into us.

Christian Brothers Automotive does not just raise your car and look at it. We position it on our cutting-edge alignment lift, then we connect our computer sensors to learn if your car need alignment service.

If your car does require this service, we will certainly adjust it to match your car manufacturer’s settings and retest the car to make certain it is within one-tenth of the original maker’s specifications.