Are Premium Brakes Worth It?

The fun of summer drives is finally here, but taking the wheel and hitting the road isn’t you’re only concern. You could need to press the brakes before you even consider the gas. Don’t take brake repair lightly.

Generally, a set of pads in a commuter vehicle will work for between 25,000 and 50,000 miles. Choices for brake pads are metallic, organic or ceramic. Brake pads put pressure on the rotor on your wheel, making it stop.

Once you have made it through the manufacturer-installed brake pads (AKA the OEM pads), you will have to install a replacement pair. In addition to your options about what the pad is created from, you have considerations about the level of performance. Learn about your brake pad options below. Take into consideration stopping power, fade resistance, noise, dust and wear.

First, consider what it’s made of. In most cases, the priciest replacement pads are semi-metallic. Their heat resistance also makes them ideal for braking for long periods, and they won’t fail even if you have to hold down the brakes for quite awhile. Cons are a lot of dust residue plus squeakiness. At Christian Brothers of Fort Worth, our mechanics don’t say these are best for average cars.

Next, let’s go over organic replacement pads. Great for comfort, they’re not the best for stopping power.

Ceramic pads are next on the docket. They have replaced asbestos pads. They are great at dealing with a range of temperatures, so are as effective after prolonged use as when you start with them. They last a long time too. Beyond that, they aren’t dusty. They are not good enough for top performance though.

Next we can discuss how they’re constructed. It’s the difference between pressure vs. glue. For the first brakes, the maker molds the ceramic, metallic or organic to the shim directly under strong pressure, making for more consistency.

For most aftermarket varieties, glue is the only adhesive. You can get breaking, cracks, and uneven wear.

The right brakes for your vehicle vary based on your kind of car and how you drive, and Christian Brothers can tell you more. Call for a time for repair right away!