Is Your Car Battery in Good Working Order?

Does your car seem sluggish when you turn the key? Has it been several years since it was replaced? It may be time to replace your battery! Every time you visit Christian Brothers Automotive, we will perform a complimentary Courtesy Inspection on your vehicle, that includes the battery. We will test your battery to make sure it holds a charge, and that it will be ready to start up your car when you need it!

Why wait in line at an auto parts store for a battery that you have to install by yourself? Let our ASE certified auto repair technicians change your battery for you. We will even handle the battery disposal in an environmentally responsible way.

Christian Brothers Automotive only carries the top brand of car batteries, including Interstate or Continental batteries. A new battery from Christian Brothers Automotive means your car will running better. If you detect you may have a battery issue, just visit Christian Brothers Automotive at your earliest convenience! We are sure that you will notice that CBA is a Nice Difference in Automotive repair!