With a tougher economy and better cars in production, more people are driving their vehicles for longer. The average age of a vehicle is now almost 10 years. Proper care over the life of the vehicle is the best way to get the most out of your investment in a car. But as your vehicle ages, certain maintenance items will demand more attention. Your neighborhood Christian Brothers Automotive can help you identify these services and keep your older car healthy and on the road. 

Modern cars can easily pass the 200,000 mile mark if properly cared for. But as cars age, they become more susceptible to damage and maintenance needs than younger vehicles. 

  • Older cars get dirty. Even if you keep it waxed and sparkling clean on the outside, certain areas of the vehicles engine, steering and suspension components will get dirty. Sludge and deposits can build up if you don’t follow the vehicle’s recommended service schedule. Fuel system flushes, transmission flushes and other cleaning and maintenance services can remedy the dirty engine symptoms.
  • Parts wear down. A lot of what’s under your hood is plastic. Heat from the engine and cold winter weather can cause these parts to become brittle over time. Keep an eye on your visible engine components and have damaged parts replaced immediately. A small break could lead to a devastating repair if you don’t catch it early.